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Web Site Development

As most of us know Web sites come in many different sizes, types, and levels of complexity. You may need a very simple site that gets your organization name, contact information and some basic information about what you do onto the Internet. At the other end of the scale you may need to make complex sets of data available in very unique ways.

Expert Web development at The Internet Works

Or you may need to have an ecommerce site in order to make your products available to your buyers. Or, you may have a need to update time sensitive information on your site very frequently. These are all situations we have created sites for in our many years of experience. Because of our experience we can help you determine what sort of an Internet presence will bring you the best value.

A vital consideration right now is that your site formats properly for the very different devices that people are using to access it; namely computers, tablets, and smart phones. We primarily use a technique called responsive design, which allows a single Web site to format properly depending upon the device type and screen size of the device requesting the page. There are other ways to accomplish this also if a different solution is required. Keep in mind that the number of Web searches by mobile devices will exceed those by desktop systems this year. If your Web site is not mobile-friendly you you are already being left behind!

If you are considering a new site, or reworking an existing site, contact or call and let us help you. We offer a full range of solutions to these very different requirements. We have more experience in developing Web sites and complex Web applications than almost anyone. We have been doing it since 1996!

It seems like everyone is offering "solutions" to allow almost anyone with little or no knowledge of building Web sites to create one. If you are considering the redesign of an existing site, there are several considerations that you must account for to avoid losing the valuable visibility you have gained from your years of presence on the Internet. Failure to be aware of these issues and to properly account for them in the redesign process can be very detrimental to your business! Be absolutely sure you educate yourself to these issues before undertaking the redesign process; Contact us!