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Pay Per Click Advertising

Why pay for advertising that doesn't generate sales or click-throughs? Direct response advertising means you just pay for the viewers that are looking for you. Using pay-per-click bids (like Google AdWords) and other pay-for-performance types of advertising are one of the most efficient ways to use your advertising dollars. We believe this works best when incorporated with an SEO effort, where we approach both efforts analytically based on the search terms that your viewers are using to find you.

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Landing Pages

An important part of a good PPC campaign is measuring the results with the analytics data, then making changes to improve the results. Website and ecommerce pages are generally not response driven. Landing pages are specially designed to generate responses (i.e., leads). Making changes to the landing pages and doing A-B testing on them gives us solid data on improvements to the PPC campaign.

Landing page design and optimization by The Internet Works

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