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Search Engine Optimization

Web sites need to be created first and foremost to convey useful information about your subject to your target viewers in a natural and meaningful way. They also must incorporate all the technical bits that are so vital to a good Web presence. That part will require the services of expert Web developers. The Internet Works is absolutely your best choice.

SEO and SEM services

Only then can one ask the question of what has to do be done for a site to show up on the first page of the SERP's (search engine results pages) for a particular term. The answer to that question is to undertake a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effort. That effort has to begin with and be based on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort.

Getting a site to rank well in the Search Engines cannot be accomplished the same way that it could as recently as 1-2 years ago. Google is the major search engine, and they have been adjusting in very big ways what they think is an important Web viewer user experience. They generally dislike SEO efforts, and have implemented policies that discourage and even penalize many of the old and long standing SEO techniques for improving rankings in the SERPs.

There are some past SEO practices that are now seriously frowned upon by Google. The use of these practices on your Web site can and probably will get you penalized in the search rankings, and in some cases banned from the index altogether. It is vital that whoever does your SEO work stays constantly up to date with the field, and that they only employ "white hat" techniques.

We do both; that is stay up to date and only employ "white hat" techniques. If you you need help improving the visibility of your site in the search engines, contact us or call us and let us help.