The Internet Works

About The Internet Works

The Internet Works is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prism Partners LLC. We have been doing business with clients worldwide since 1996. We have always specialized in providing the services that are required to have an effective Internet presence. This has meant different things from when the Internet first became available to the public and evolving to present day. In the early days we were sought out to provide Web and email hosting, register domain names, and build Web sites. As time passed, we have provided additional services of take advantage of all that the Internet made possible, like database driven Web applications, ecommerce sites, and incorporating additional audio and visual media.

In recent years it has become increasingly important for those needing an Internet presence to also make sure their presence is being seen by those that they intend to reach. But there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. We use only "white hat" techniques that properly increase visibility of your site and make better connections with your intended viewers. Increasing visibility must also be done in ways that are measurable against goals and metrics that are meaningful. Of course we do this.

Our life's work is to provide the complete spectrum of services required to make your Internet presence successful. We do this so you can keep doing what you do best, thereby making your business successful.

Contact us today to discuss with us how we can help fix whatever the pain points are in your business's presence on the Internet. This might be building a new Web site, simply making some updates to your existing site, setting up an enterprise class email/calendar/contact system for everyone in your company, or any of so many other things!