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Our Services: Web Hosting & Webmaster Services

Web Hosting

We provide standard Web hosting on shared hosting facilities, either Unix/Linux or Windows. All Web hosting includes email hosting with normal features, like POP3 accounts, IMAP support, auto responders, script support, etc. This type of hosting also includes other standard features, like FTP access, DNS management, browser based file manager, Web log reports, resource usage reports, standard database hosting (MySQL or SQL Server), scripting capabilities (PHP, cgi, asp, etc.). SSL support for your Web site, FTP, and email is also available at extra cost.

Web hosting at The Internet Works

We also provide WordPress hosting on Unix/Linux shared hosting facilities. Also hosting for Content Management Systems (CMS's); both the popular Joomla! and Drupal, as well as many custom CMS systems.

We can architect and provide specialized Web Application Hosting on appropriate technical platforms. Examples of this would include ColdFusion application server in combination with Microsoft SQL Server Database and Java servlets for an enterprise application. It might also include a custom LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) application.

We can provide Dedicated Hosting on any appropriate platform for sites requiring such facilities because of bandwidth, space, security, or other requirements.

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Webmaster Services

We work for a wide variety of clients providing Webmaster services. This includes a number of various activities, such as:

Web Site Maintenance- Provide content updates, changes, additions, deletions, and edits to client Web sites.

Email Account Administration‐ We provide complete administrative services for client email accounts, adding accounts, deleting accounts, for clients who prefer that level of service.

Webmaster services from The Internet Works

Domain Names‐ Register, renew, administrate contact data, consult with clients on inevitable registrar spam from other registrars, and update DNS servers when required. We always register domain names and name Admin Contacts in the name of the organization that owns them; never in our name.

SSL Certificates‐ For organizations requiring secure submittal of information by their Web site viewers, for secure file transfer via FTP, and secure email. We acquire, administrate, install and renew SSL certificates on behalf of our Web hosting clients.

Manage DNS‐ For organizations who choose to host Web sites and email in different facilities for various reasons (i.e., email in-house or on hosted Exchange Server, use of subscription spam filtration services, etc.).