Subject: Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

What is This Email Notice About?

Domain name registrars are governed by ICANN (Internet Corp. of Assigned Names and Numbers).  This is an international organization who’s job it is to oversee the domain name system worldwide.  It is explained fully here in Wikipedia, if you’re interested.  ICANN requires all registrars to verify the registrant and contact information annually for each domain name.

Your registrar does this by sending an email to the Administrative Contact and Technical Contact email addresses of record each year.    The subject line of that email will look similar to the title of this Article.  In fact, if we are administrating your domain name for you, then your email will look exactly like this:

ICANN Contact Verification Email

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Why Is My Name Wrong?

It starts “Dear ___ ___,” .  The first name and last name are taken from your domain name record.  You may have weird entries here, because maybe your first name and last name was specified as “Executive Director” or some other functional name, instead of a personal name.  This is something we have done in past for organizations that might have some change in the personnel, and eliminates the need to update the record needlessly.  Most registrars now include a field for first name, last name, and position.  It was not always this way, however.

Verify Your Contact Info!

A link is provided to allow you to view the contact information for the registrant, Admin Contact and Technical Contact.  You should check this information carefully and make sure it is accurate.  The really important part of these records are the email addresses, since that is how virtually all communication between the contacts and the registrar are handled.  Also important are the telephone numbers and the addresses.  If we handle administrating your domain name for you, and any changes should be made to the contact information, let us know and we will update the record for you.  If you handle your domain name yourself, then update that record as needed, but don’t put it off.

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