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Subject: Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

What is This Email Notice About? Domain name registrars are governed by ICANN (Internet Corp. of Assigned Names and Numbers).  This is an international organization who’s job it is to oversee the domain name system worldwide.  It is explained fully here in Wikipedia, if you’re interested.  ICANN requires all registrars to verify the registrant and […]

Domain Names Are Valuable Assets, Protect Them!

Who Is My Domain Name Registered to? It is very easy for anyone to go register a domain name from any number of online vendors. However, from our experience most people do not take proper care of their domain name properties once they have registered them.  When you register a domain name for yourself, or […]

Considerations for Choosing a Domain Name

What’s a TLD and Which One Do I Want? This article is intended to help if you do not yet have a domain name registered for your business or organization. Domain names ending in “.com” are usually preferable to those of other Top Level Domains (TLD’s); such as .org or .net. If you are a […]