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Displaying Engraved Glass ...
Many of the pieces Tom engraves are flats that are round, oval, or rectangular in shape.  These pieces can be beautifully displayed by setting them vertically into a base and placed on a tabletop. 

The bases of many of these pieces have lighting built into them, such that the light projects up through the edge of the piece.  This causes the engraving to be highlighted in an especially beautiful way.

This piece shows the very intricate detail that can be achieved in our engraving
This piece shows how edge lighting beautifully highlights the engraving

Photographing Our Pieces ...
Photographing these pieces is an extremely challenging task.  The intricate detail of the engraving reflects and refracts light everywhere.  Also, the nature of glass is that it reflects light much better than is desirable.  The result is that unless a piece is lit perfectly, it simply will not photograph well.

We have developed a few techniques that help us to be able to photograph engraved glass pieces more effectively.  We have a special booth that is completely lined with black velvet, in which we place small pieces.  The booth has lighting inside, and the camera is given a view of the piece by aiming only the lens into the booth.

For vases, glasses, and bowls, we sometimes place a slightly ruffled dark cloth inside.  This helps to absorb the light shining through the glass, and give "something" behind the engraving to make it photograph better.

It should be said that there are very few photographs that do these engraved pieces justice.  The detail that is special to each piece can only be truly appreciated in viewing a properly lit piece in real life.

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