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Tom Konczal has been engraving glass ever since he began experimenting with the powered rotary tools he used in his dental lab business, over 25 years ago.

He found that he was able to create incredibly detailed and intricate work.  He also discovered that he had talents for art that had never been fully developed.  As he continued to develop his artistic engraving techniques, he also continued developing his artistic skills.

Many years ago, Tom gave up his dental lab business and devoted all his time and energy to his unique style of glass engraving.  He also has used these same techniques of engraving to create some unique and beautiful metal pieces.

Tom at work in his studio

Tom is seen here working in his studio. He often works from sketches that he develops while planning a piece.

Portrait of a Man

Tom's studio, A Cut Of Glass, is located in beautiful Ojai, California.  It is there that each of his pieces is developed through a complete cycle of conception, planning, sketching on paper, then finally, by engraving the image into the desired piece.

The variety of pieces done by Tom are varied, as can be seen from the various galleries shown here that display some of them.  Most of his pieces are commissioned by clients who have a specific idea in mind.  They vary in size from small flats mounted in stands for display on a tabletop, to very large architectural pieces that serve as room dividers or windows in commercial buildings.

We invite you to see all the pieces displayed in our galleries, and to contact us if you have an idea for a piece you would like us to create for you.  If you would like to learn more about how the engraving is done, we will be happy to tell you here.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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